My life is looking up. Let’s rock this thing. 


Today’s video is a very important message to anyone and everyone who is going through anything and everything.

Under the cut is a full transcript of my message, but I highly recommend listening to me speak it instead of reading it. Or follow along! That’s a fun game.

You’re awesome.

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that awkward moment when you tell your mom you had sex and she hits you with a shoe.

idk why everyone complains about bottoming. It was fun!


I can’t believe over 100,000 of you do crystal meth smh

Sometimes i think about doing crystal meth. But then i think, mmm rather not.

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i feel ratchet

I have a Sun with my physics teacher.

refraining from making terrible jokes about the Boston massacre. 

My goal in life is to have Hit Counters

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Questions Anyone?

Submit me your butt? no? good.